My Saints Alive

With Good Reason


When John Thomas (University of Virginia) met his wife Susan, he knew she was “the one.” But sadly, Susan died of breast cancer. Then, after intense grief over his loss, something amazing happened. John fell in love again. But tragically, he learned Barb, the woman who would be his second wife, was diagnosed with breast cancer too. John details his experience in a new book called My Saints Alive: Reflections on a Journey of Love, Loss, and Life.

Also featured: About 12 percent of women develop breast cancer. But years of studies have shown that for female flight attendants, nurses, factory workers, and other frequent night shift workers, the risk of breast cancer is as high as 37 percent. Carla Finkelstein (Virginia Tech) believes that these high rates of breast cancer in night shift workers is due to a disruption in circadian rhythms. But she says there may be simple, cost-effective solutions to the problem.

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