40 Years, 40 Stories

Since 1974, the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities (VFH) has worked to connect people and ideas, to explore the human experience, and to inspire cultural engagement across the Commonwealth. Over the past forty years, that work has taken many shapes and reached countless people and places.

In honor of our anniversary, we’ve gathered these stories from our past and present—starting with the story of our founding, as told by VFH president Robert C. Vaughan III. We’ve also collected these stories into a beautiful print publication. You can download a PDF or contact us to request a copy.


40 Years, 40 Stories

Buddy Pendleton Plays Stradivarius - Smithsonian Photo by Hugh Talman

Crooked Road Recordings

VFH's Folklife Program produced a series of recordings featuring musicians across the Crooked Road in 2005.
Alvin Stoops Jr., Saxis Island, VA

Watermen of the Chesapeake

Photographer Glen McClure, the Newport News Mariner's Museum and VFH show the faces of the men and women who work the waters of the Chesapeake.
Steamboat Potomac 1894

Steamboat Era Museum

The Steamboat Era Museum tells the story of the economic and cultural legacy of steamboat transport and commerce on the Chesapeake Bay.
Collections storage after relocation and reorganization. Photo courtesy the Manassas Museum System.

Circuit Riders

VAM’s Circuit Riders program helps small public museums, archives, and libraries organize collections.