40 Years, 40 Stories

Since 1974, the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities (VFH) has worked to connect people and ideas, to explore the human experience, and to inspire cultural engagement across the Commonwealth. Over the past forty years, that work has taken many shapes and reached countless people and places.

In honor of our anniversary, we’re sharing stories from our past and present—starting with the story of our founding, as told by VFH president Robert C. Vaughan III. We'll be posting new stories every two weeks, and we hope that you’ll visit this space often to learn more about what we've accomplished and what we plan to achieve in the next forty years.


40 Years, 40 Stories


Flory Jagoda’s Accordion

A very special instrument, a 75-year-old Hohner Student III accordion, is getting new life as a result of the Virginia Folklife Apprenticeship Program.


Grant project reaches beneath the surface of the Suffolk Water Trail.

The Ghost Church at Polegreen

VFH's support for Historic Polegreen helps promote a greater, deeper understanding of how religious freedom emerged as one of the pillars of our democratic republic.
Creative Commons, User: Asbestos

Navajo Lessons on Virginia Sustainability

Native traditions, embedded within tribal societies and practiced for hundreds or thousands of years, have much to teach us about treating the earth and other beings with respect.