Center for the Book

The Center for the Book’s vision is that every Virginian will have access to books and reading and to the power that books and reading provide to shape and inform personal and civic life.

As an affiliate of the Center for the Book in the Library of Congress, the VFH Center for the Book works within a network of 50 state-center affiliates to promote books, reading, literacy, and the literary life of Virginia.


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Cards printed at VABC

Card Class Summer Camp

Learn to combine digital design with traditional letterpress printing in two classes at the Virginia Arts of the Book Center.

A Burnable Book

This week on With Good Reason, Murder, mystery, and poetry come together in medieval scholar Bruce Holsinger’s new novel set in Chaucer’s London.

Bible Babel

Making sense of the Bible’s language, followed by oral histories of psychologists, Zelda Fitzgerald’s mental illness, and writing after experiencing a brain tumor.