Printing With Polymer

Virginia Arts of the Book Center

Printing with Polymer I
Two Saturdays, August 4 & 11, 1-4PM

Instructors: Kristin Adolfson, Garrett Queen

Cost: $125 nonmembers/$100 members

Want to turn any line-based drawing / computer art / text into a print? Unlock the secret of polymer printing that will save time and launch your printing skills forward. Bring a line drawing or text or both to class—no larger than 5”x7”. You may also forward a scanned or computer-made file to in advance to be sure your image will print well.

In the first session, you’ll go through the steps to make a scan or computer file into a pdf ready to send to Boxcar Press. You’ll leave with a pdf file you can send to Boxcar at any time, and the knowledge to initiate more projects in the future. (Boxcar plate costs not included, but the upload system will be demonstrated. Costs vary based on size, about $40 estimate for 5”x7”)

In the second session, you’ll receive instruction on how to print a two-color polymer job on a Boxcar base and troubleshoot with polymer. Spoiler alert: the process is much easier than traditional typesetting and block printing! If you’re licensed to print at VABC, you’ll have all you need to know to do the process again and again. If you still need supervision to print, you may arrange a time with a trained instructor for Printing with Polymer II to output your job.

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