Fellows Talks

Our fellows frequently give talks in the Charlottesville City Council Chambers downtown.

You can find upcoming talks on the VFH Events Calendar. Here’s a sampling of recent talks.

Jennifer Mendez
VFH Fellow Jennifer Bickham Mendez explores what happens when the
Invalids and Independence
VFH Fellow Benjamin H. Irvin explores the experiences of impaired
Freedom Now! Militancy, Media, and Memory in the Civil Rights Revolution of 1963
VFH Fellow Thomas Jackson considers why the 50th anniversary of
Calvin Schermerhorn - Commodity Chains and Chained Commodities
Commodity Chains and Chained Commodities: Following the Money of American
Jefferson, Madison, and Adams: Conversations on Religious Liberty
The writings and speeches of Founding Fathers are often mined
Reparations: A Democratic Idea?
A Lunchtime Talk with Lawrie Balfour
The Cousin Marriage Debate
Susan McKinnon - The Cousin Marriage Debate and the World
Roberta Culbertson
Survivor Skills: Coping with Violent Experiences
Robert F Kennedy, Race and Politics during the 1960s
VFH Fellows lunchtime talk with Patricia Sullivan
Michael Jarvis
Sister Colonies: Virginia, Bermuda and English America
Maurie McInnis-Slaves Waiting For Sale
Slaves Waiting For Sale: Abolitionist Art and the American Slave