Meet the Fellows

2016 – 2017 Residential Fellows

Frank Brannon
Independent author, SpeakEasy Press
Will It Survive? A History of Cherokee Printing

Don Debats
American Studies, Flinders University (Australia)
Black and White Oral Voting in the First Enfranchisement

Martien Halvorsen-Taylor
Religious Studies, University of Virginia
Questioning Job: An Entry into the Biblical Book of Job

Catherine Jones
History, University of California, Santa Cruz
Child Prisoners and the Limits of Citizenship in the New South

Paul D. Jones
Religious Studies, University of Virginia
Patience: A Theological Exploration

Tom Kapsidelis
Independent Author, Richmond
Higher Aim: Guns, Safety and Healing in the Era of Mass Shootings

Sarah Milov
History, University of Virginia
Growing the Cigarette: Tobacco in the Twentieth Century

Courtney (Kiki) Petronsino
English, University of Louisville
White Blood: A Lyric of Virginia

Lynn Rainville
Humanities, Sweet Briar College
Mobilizing for and Commemorating the Great War in Virginia, 1915-2015

Paula Marie Seniors
Africana Studies/Sociology, Virginia Tech
African American Woman Radical Activists (1958-1987): Mae Mallory, The Monroe Defense Committee and World Revolutions

Jon Sensbach
Art History, University of Florida
The Art of Freedom: Camille Pissarro and the Age of Emancipation

Earl Swift
Independent Author, Crozet
Tangier Island: The Long Life and Imminent Demise of a Storied Island Community

Gregory Wilson
History, University of Akron
Toxic Dust: The Virginia Kepone Disaster and the Legacy of Chlorinated Insecticides

Douglas Winiarski
Religious Studies, Richmond
Shakers, Jerkers & the Shawnee Prophet: Religious Encounters on the Early American Frontier, 1805-1815

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