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“My period as a Freehling Fellow at the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities was idyllic, and I will cherish it for years to come. The fellowship offered the perfect balance between quiet and intensive solitude and public engagement.”

-Christian Spielvogel, Freehling Fellow

We all benefit when imaginative, high-achieving individuals are able to work without interruption on their creative and scholarly projects. VFH Fellows’ discoveries and insights invigorate public discussion and raise the level of discourse in classrooms across the country and abroad.

Your support will help ensure that there is always a place in Virginia where humanities research in the public interest is valued and nurtured.

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Endowed and Named Fellowships

The recipients of the VFH’s endowed fellowships are chosen as part of the standard review process. There is no need to apply for these fellowships specifically. However, proposals that address their criteria are welcomed.

Edna and Norman Freehling Fellowship

The Edna and Norman Freehling Fellowship in South Atlantic Studies was established by historian and VFH Senior Fellow William W. Freehling in honor of his parents. The Freehling Fellowship supports research and writing on the South Atlantic region, including the Caribbean South. Preference is given to projects that bridge the divide between academia and the general public.


Emilia Galli Struppa Fellowship

The Emilia Galli Struppa Fellowship in the Humanities supports original academic writing in history and literary studies as well as projects that help make historical and literary research accessible to a wide audience. The Struppa Fellowship was created by Daniele Struppa, Chapman University chancellor and former VFH Board member, in memory of his mother, a scholar and teacher of the Classics.

Robert C. Vaughan Fellowship

The Robert C. Vaughan Fellowship recipients are fondly called the “Fellows’ Fellows.” This fund honoring VFH President Robert C. Vaughan (founder of the Fellowship program) was created in 2009 by alumni Fellows who, in appreciation of their own Fellowship, want to ensure that others enjoy the same opportunity.

Create an Endowed or Named Fellowship

The Fellowship program relies on endowed and named fellowships. These fellowships can be named for a donor or someone the donor wishes to honor.

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