Honor Roll of Donors

This year we celebrate an important milestone in the history of the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities: our fortieth anniversary.

In these four decades, VFH has grown immensely from a modest but auspicious beginning. At its start in 1974 the Foundation had but a single full-time staff member, Rob Vaughan, who then and now serves as VFH President. Today VFH has 42 full-time employees, four of whom have worked with the Foundation for more than 25 years each.

In the beginning programs consisted primarily of grant-funded projects, until 1980, with the founding of a media resource center and in 1984, the addition of academic fellowships. In the 30 years since then, VFH has added eleven major programs for a current total of thirteen, including favorites like the Virginia Festival of the Book; With Good Reason; BackStory with the American History Guys; Encyclopedia Virginia; Digital Editing and Publications; and African American, Virginia Indian, and Folklife programming.

This growth is only one measure of the Foundation’s success. We are most proud of the ever-growing impact VFH’s programs have on all areas of the Commonwealth as well as the nation. For this growth and success, we must thank our remarkable community of donors. Your support has made all of this possible, and we invite you to continue to join us as we move into our fifth decade and beyond.


Humanities Cabinet

Unrestricted gifts of $2,500 +

  • William W. Freehling 10
  • Mr. John Andelin and Ms. Virginia Geoffrey 3
  • David and Susan Goode 5
  • Jerome S. Handler 19
  • George A. Latimer 4
  • Anna L. Lawson 20
  • Tucker and Catherine Lemon
  • B. Thomas Mansbach 5
  • Ms. Maurie D. McInnis and Mr. Dean M. Johnson
  • G. Gilmer Minor III
  • Michelle and Chris Olson 4
  • Walter and Sally Rugaber 7
  • Robert C. and Ellen P. Vaughan 26
  • Glenn and Suzanne Youngkin

Humanities Associates

Unrestricted Gifts of $1,000 – $2,499

  • Frank B. Atkinson
  • Carolyn and Alex Bell 4
  • Bob and Liz Blue 3
  • Mr. Andrew S. Chancey and Ms. Elizabeth Baker Smiley 15
  • The Chesepeake Corporation
  • Foundation of the Community Foundation Serving Richmond and Central Virginia
  • Randolph W. Church Jr. 12
  • Mr. Robert M. Coffelt Jr. and Ms. Annetta J. Coffelt 3
  • Ted DeLaney 4
  • Rhoda and Leonard Dreyfus 10
  • Joanne V. Gabbin 14
  • Michael and Virginia Galgano 12
  • Mrs. Bertie D. Heiner 5
  • Oliver W. Hill Jr. 5

  • The Honorable Elizabeth B. Lacy 4
  • Angelica and Henry Light
  • Frederick V. Malek 3
  • Turk McCleskey
  • Richard and Elizabeth Merrill 26
  • Peter S. Onuf 20
  • Helen and Taylor Reveley 13
  • Rita Roy
  • Rosel and Elliot Schewel 26
  • Mary Ellen Stumpf
  • Dennis H. Treacy
  • Mr. Peter Wallenstein
  • and Ms. Sookhan Ho 19
  • Hays T. Watkins 25
  • Michael Wildasin 4
  • Dick and Marty Wilson 14



Unrestricted Gifts of $500-$999

  • Brian and Kathleen Balogh
  • The Honorable Robert H. Brink 8
  • The Buford Family Fund of the Community Foundation Serving Richmond and Central Virginia
  • Scott and Christine Colley 5
  • Betty Ann Dillon 11
  • Ron and Sandy Heinemann 22
  • Cindy Hutchings

  • Kevin J. McFadden and Angie R. Hogan 14
  • Edward A. Mullen
  • Anjanette Murphy
  • Michael and Elizabeth Murphy
  • Lynne O’Brien
  • Elizabeth Piper 4
  • Bittle Wilson Porterfield III 3
  • John and Elizabeth Ragosta


  • Daphne Maxwell Reid
  • Frank Shea III 4
  • Marcy and Hunter Sims
  • Mac and Elsie Thompson 16
  • Emma Violand-Sanchez 4
  • Andrew Wyndham and Susan Bacik 26
  • Elizabeth L. Young 26


Program Patrons

Restricted gifts of $1,000 or more to specific VFH programs

  • Anonymous (2)
  • David G. Baldacci
  • Terry Belanger
  • Laura H. Boland
  • Addeane S. Caelleigh
  • Jack and Jane Censer
  • Randolph W. Church Jr.
  • Susan and Michael Coleman
  • Rhoda Dreyfus
  • Emma Edmunds
  • William W. Freehling
  • Barbara J. Fried
  • Michael and Virginia Galgano
  • Nikki Giovanni
  • David and Susan Goode
  • Sally and Stephen Herman
  • Jo Ann and Robert Hofheimer
  • Harry Jagoda
  • Mr. Robert L. Reynolds
  • and Ms. Evette Lamka
  • Anna L. Lawson
  • Peyton and William Lewis
  • B. Thomas Mansbach
  • Jan Madeleine Paynter
  • Martha J. Sims
  • William H. Speiden
  • Sharon Talbot
  • Robert C. and Ellen P. Vaughan
  • Aubrey V. Watts Jr.
  • George and Patricia Wellde
  • A. Camille Wells
  • Ted and Sheila McCarthy Weschler

The Cornerstone Society

Planned Giving

  • Frances H. Bulger
  • Randolph W. and Lucy Church
  • Tomoko Hamada Connolly
  • Emma C. Edmunds
  • Ron and Kathe Feinman
  • William W. Freehling
  • Barbara J. Fried
  • Susan Gaeta
  • Michael Jay Green
  • Jerome S. Handler
  • Sheryl B. Hayes

  • Robert C. Nusbaum
  • Elizabeth Piper
  • Daniele C. Struppa
  • Mary Ellen Stumpf
  • Thad W. Tate
  • Robert C. and Ellen P. Vaughan
  • Jorgen and Laura Burkhardt Vik
  • William and Jeanne Wiley
  • Richard T. and Martha Wilson
  • Elizabeth Louise Young



Complete List of Donors

View a list of all VFH Donors in our 2014 Annual Report

For inquiries or corrections please contact the Development Office at 434-924-3296 or supportvfh@virginia.edu.

Number following names indicates consecutive years of giving to VFH.