Virginia Indian Program

The Virginia Indian Heritage Program at VFH is helping to redress centuries of historical omission, exclusion, and misrepresentation. It creates opportunities for Virginians of all ages, as well as visitors to the state, to learn about the history and cultures of Virginia Indian people and communities, past and present.

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Navajo Frybread photo courtesy Flickr user Jimmy Emerson, DVM

Frybread Please

Karenne Wood and Lilia Fuquen make some frybread and talk about the history of this 'not so traditional' Indian food.

Standing on Native Ground

WVPT's Politics Matters to air 2-Part Series with Virginia Monacan Nation Poet and Anthropologist Karenne Wood.
Creative Commons, User: Asbestos

Navajo Lessons on Virginia Sustainability

Native traditions, embedded within tribal societies and practiced for hundreds or thousands of years, have much to teach us about treating the earth and other beings with respect.

New Words for an Old Story

EV commissions a new translation of an old text and discovers some surprising details in the life of Virginia Indian, Paquiquineo.