Virginia Indian Program

The Virginia Indian Heritage Program at VFH is helping to redress centuries of historical omission, exclusion, and misrepresentation. It creates opportunities for Virginians of all ages, as well as visitors to the state, to learn about the history and cultures of Virginia Indian people and communities, past and present.

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Mythologized version of Pocahontas saving John Smith. Based on the engraving “Smith Rescued by Pocahontas,” by Christian Inger, 1870, Virginia Historical Society.

Past Silences

Karenne Wood says if we want a history that is closer to the truth, we need to create and recreate our stories in the present.
Karenne Wood, Director of the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities (VFH) Virginia Indian Heritage Program

Intersections of Memory and Exile

Join Karenne Wood, featured speaker on "Intersections of Memory and Exile", for the South Atlantic Modern Languages Association's 2012 Conference in Durham, North Carolina.