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The Ghost of Belmead
VFH grants help capture the story of Belmead Mansion in Powhatan County.
Life for Me Ain’t Been No Crystal Stair
David Bearinger remembers Frances Latimer and the important contribution she made to telling the story of African Americans on Virginia's Eastern Shore.
Shakespeare’s American Home: Interview with a VFH Project Director
VFH catches up with Ralph Alan Cohen about the early days of American Shakespeare Center and some help VFH gave along its way.

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    VFH Fellows Program is open to independent and affiliated scholars, professionals, and others working on projects in the humanities.

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VFH offers fellowships to scholars & writers whose research engages the public in intellectual and artistic discovery.


Digital Initiatives

Encyclopedia Virginia is a dynamic online publication that connects anyone anywhere to Virginia's history and culture.

edUi is an annual conference for web professionals working with institutions of learning to produce more usable and accessible online resources.

Documents Compass provides tools and expertise to create digital editions of historical and literary documents.