Published December 4, 2014
VFH Board Member Michelle Olson
VFH Board Member Michelle Olson

Born to a father of Czech-Croatian heritage, and a mother from Argentina, Michelle Olson is no stranger to the diversity of culture and history in Virginia. Still residing in her hometown of McLean, VA, Michelle has immersed herself in advocating for various communities, combating issues such as human trafficking and labor exploitation.

Michelle studied business, marketing, and branding at Duke University before working for Nabisco and Comcast. Recently, Michelle sat down with Elliot Majerczyk in our radio studio and shared her thoughts on the importance of exploring Virginia’s variety of histories and cultures.

It’s so important for the elevation of our great state and the communities that exist in it, that we explore the histories of human culture that exist here.

In terms of culture, we might be one of the richest states in America.

[T]he humanities are valuable because they keep these varied histories and traditions alive. … If we can preserve them, we can continue to explore and understand them so that we can create a better future for ourselves.

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DSC03528Michelle Olson is an active Virginia and global community member, serving on her children’s elementary school board and the Global Leadership Council, a strategic advisory board to the Polaris project.

VFH is proud to have her as a member of our Board of Directors.

Our work brings people together and honors our shared humanity.