Published December 17, 2014
VFH Board Member Rita Roy
VFH Board Member Rita Roy

VFH Board Member Rita Roy is a “serial entrepreneur” in Northern Virginia who has started two technology companies in the education and health care sectors.

Rita first got to know VFH at a Virginia Folklife event that inspired her to learn more. Recently, she sat down with Elliot Majerczyk in our radio studio and shared her thoughts on bringing the humanities into the 21st century.

The humanities are important in everything we do and everything that we are.

VFH has made such an amazing investment in people, time, energy, and equipment to bring the humanities into the 21st century…Their partnership with Google, the Encyclopedia Virginia…the Founding Fathers project… all the amazing things they’re doing with technology are really inspiring.

The humanities give us a reason for living. Without the humanities, what are we as people?

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About Rita Roy

Rita Roy is a physician and co-founder of Astute Technology, serving as the company’s President. During her career, Dr. Roy has used her technology expertise to build complex web applications, transform ideas into successful internet-based business models, and advise and develop e-learning web applications and database driven marketing strategies for non-profits, associations and universities.

VFH is proud to have her as a member of our Board of Directors.

Our work brings people together and honors our shared humanity.