Published May 26, 2017

Susan R. Colpitts is a Founder of Signature Family Wealth Advisors with a bachelor’s degree in English and a master’s in accounting from the University of Virginia.

Recently, Susan sat down with Elliot Majerczyk in our radio studio to talk about her love for liberal arts and the importance of the humanities in establishing a sense of place.

I met Sarah McConnell [VFH’s With Good Reason] and had a warming to her and her connection to scholarship.

For all of us who participate in the liberal arts as undergraduates and then go off to the business world, it’s a very faint connection back to that thing we learned to love in our college years.

The real importance of this humanities council is to bring people back to the thing that makes life matter, connection to our cultural past.

I had seen some documentaries on life on the Eastern Shore. And I just loved the fact that somebody had taken the time to explore, to find the old photographs, to talk about how life was then and what’s happened.

For me and for a lot of people, the humanities give us the ability to touch our culture.

About Susan Colpitts

Susan R. Colpitts is a Founder of Signature Wealth Advisors and leads the firm’s Client Services team as Chief of Client Experience.

She was recognized by Research magazine as one of five members of the 2012 Advisor Hall of Fame. In addition, the United Way of South Hampton Roads acknowledged Susan as the 2011 Volunteer of the Year, and the YWCA of South Hampton Roads honored her as a Woman of Distinction in the area of Finance in 2009.

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