Published September 17, 2018

Today (Monday  Sept. 17) is Constitution Day, and to honor the occasion we’re launching a new podcast series from With Good Reason and James Madison’s Montpelier called American Dissent. Hosted by Kelley Libby, the series is about “We the People, pushing back, in the pursuit of a better America.”

American Dissent aims to educate and inspire high school and college students with stories about everyday people throughout American history who challenged the status quo, often facing tough consequences.

All five episodes can be found here or in podcast apps like iTunes and Stitcher (just search for ‘American Dissent’).

Episode 1, “The Right to Dissent,” is also featured on this week’s With Good Reason.

Episode 1: The Right to Dissent

Influenced by Colin Kaepernick’s protest of police brutality during the National Anthem, a high school volleyball player initiates her own protest, and not without consequences. And a historian tells the story of a religious minority who helped win the American Revolution and the fight for religious freedom in America.

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