Published October 9, 2019

Virginia Humanities Board Member Kellee Blake resides on Virginia’s Eastern Shore. She’s previously worked with Virginia historical institutions as the director of the National Archives Mid-Atlantic Region.

Recently, she sat down with Elliot Majerczyk in our radio studio to talk about how her work as an archivist inspired her to write a play about women on Virginia’s Eastern Shore and how a Virginia Humanities grant for that project led to her joining our Board of Directors.

The Encyclopedia Virginia was something I went to constantly in my own research.

In so many ways, the Eastern Shore … is not always represented well … but with Virginia Humanities, I saw a proactive effort to make sure the Eastern Shore was included.

In my time on the Shore, I’ve seen great and positive changes because of the work of Virginia Humanities there.

About Kellee Blake

Kellee Green Blake is the retired Director of the National Archives Mid-Atlantic Region in Philadelphia.

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