Published September 1, 2021

After a year-long hiatus due to COVID-19 restrictions, Virginia Humanities’ Fellowship program is back and proud to introduce five new fellows in residence at the Library of Virginia in Richmond. The Fellowship Program supports writers and scholars who are dedicated to exploring the hidden stories of Virginians past and present.

“We’re excited to have these authors and researchers join our Fellowship program,” says Matthew Gibson, executive director of Virginia Humanities. “They are helping to uncover stories about Virginia that will give us a more complete picture of how our history has shaped the world we live in today.”

Virginia Humanities has awarded more than 350 fellowships since 1986. Each fellow has contributed to the complex tapestry that makes up the story of our commonwealth. Bringing these sidelined stories into the mainstream helps us better understand our history so we can create a clearer vision for the future.

To learn more about Virginia Humanities’ Fellowship Program and to find out about upcoming talks and presentations (virtual and in-person) visit VirginiaHumanities.org.

2021-2022 Academic Fellows

Meredith Henne-Baker
Independent Scholar, Midlothian
Scenic Sisters:How Virginia’s Garden Club Activists Transformed a State

Lois Leveen
Independent Scholar, Portland OR
The Whole of History: Mary Bowser Richards Denman, a Biography of Race in 19th-Century America

D’Anne Graham
Independent Scholar, Richmond VA
A Parcel of Murdering Bitches: Childbirth and Women’s Autonomy from the Original Colony to the #MeToo Movement

Arlisha Norwood
University of Maryland, Eastern Shore
Times Too Hard: Single African American Women in Post Civil War Virginia

Rachel Stephens
University of Alabama
Whatever is un-Virginian is Wrong: Pre Civil War Virginia Painters

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