Published May 24, 2023

Virginia Humanities Public Humanities Fellow and author Linda Janet Holmes delivers an inspiring talk on her latest book, Safe in a Midwife’s Hands. As a writer, independent scholar, and long-time women’s health activist, Holmes has dedicated her career to shedding light on the historical and cultural value of traditional African American midwifery. Through her meticulous research and intimate conversations with midwife descendants, Holmes uncovers the holistic approach to healthcare and the enduring traditions of midwifery.

Moderated by Dr. Irène P. Mathieu, an esteemed academic pediatrician and writer, this discussion promises to delve deep into the profound insights and captivating stories presented in Holmes’ work. Don’t miss this enlightening event as Linda Janet Holmes and Dr. Irène P. Mathieu explore the transformative power of midwives and their vital role in promoting health equity. 

This conversation was recorded on 6/14/2023.

Vanessa Adkins, right, is apprenticing under her cousin Jessica Canaday Stewart learning the finer points of traditional Chickahominy dancing. Photos taken at the Fall Festival and Pow Wow in Charles City on Saturday, Sept. 22, 2012.

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