Office of the Director

Matthew Gibson


Raennah L. Mitchell



Cary Speh Ferguson

Financial Operations Specialist
Headshot of Kevin McFadden

Kevin McFadden

Chief Operating Officer
Headshot of Judy Moody

Judy Moody

Headshot of Sue Perdue

Sue Perdue

Chief Information Officer
Headshot of Gail Shirley-Warren

Gail Shirley-Warren

Chief Financial Officer

Tori Talbot

Events Manager
Cauline Yates

Cauline Yates



Headshot of Kevin Hoffer

Kevin Hoffer

Advancement Associate
Headshot of Trey Mitchell

Trey Mitchell

Director of Communications

Meggan Thomas

Corporate and Foundations Manager
Headshot of Greg Willett

Greg Willett

Advancement Associate

Center for the Book

Headshot of Jane Kulow

Jane Kulow

Director, Virginia Center for the Book
Headshot of Sarah Lawson

Sarah Lawson

Assistant Director, Virginia Center for the Book
Headshot of Garrett Queen

Garrett Queen

Book Arts Program Director

Community Initiatives

Headshot of Karice Luck

Karice Luck

Program Coordinator, History United
Headshot of Chad Martin

Chad Martin

Director, History United
Headshot of Justin Reid

Justin Reid

Director, Community Initiatives

Encyclopedia Virginia

Headshot of Miranda Bennett

Miranda Bennett

Public Engagement Manager and Assistant Editor
Headshot of Peter Hedlund

Peter Hedlund

Director, Encyclopedia Virginia
Headshot of Donna Lucey

Donna Lucey

Media Editor

Patricia Miller

Editor, Encyclopedia Virginia
Headshot of John Rhea

John Rhea

Web Designer/Developer

Virginia Folklife Program

Headshot of Pat Jarrett

Pat Jarrett

Media Specialist

Grants & Fellowships

Headshot of David Bearinger

David Bearinger

Director, Grants Program
Headshot of Carolyn Cades

Carolyn R. Cades

Associate Director, Grants Program
Headshot of Jeanne Siler

Jeanne Nicholson Siler

Director, Fellowship Program

Radio Programs

Headshot of Matt Darroch

Matt Darroch

Associate Producer, With Good Reason
Photo of Lauren Parker

Lauren Francis

Associate Producer, With Good Reason
Headshot of Sarah McConnell

Sarah McConnell

Executive Producer, With Good Reason
Headshot of Jamal Millner

Jamal Millner

Technical Director, VIrginia Humanities

Allison Quantz

Senior Producer, With Good Reason
Detroit-based printmaker Amos Paul Kennedy Jr. visited Charlottesville High School art classes on Tuesday, 3/12/19 as part of his Frank Riccio artist residency.

Undertaking the most challenging work in our history.

When what divides us may be easier to see than the values that unite us, our work brings people together and honors our shared Humanities.