Through a Virginia Humanities grant, Randolph College’s Endstation Theatre Company is bringing the play Buried Deep to Riverside Park for a week-long run. This encore follows a handful of performances at local Lynchburg City High Schools.

Buried Deep is a bold, unflinching look at the 1961 desegregation and closing of Lynchburg’s three public swimming pools. As fireworks fill the Independence Day evening, members of the Lynchburg community gather to revisit events from sixty years prior that sent shock-waves through not only their town, but their nation as well. Through dramatization and readings from the historical record at the site of the old Riverside Pool, the group recalls the tumultuous period from the pools’ desegregation to their being closed and, ultimately, filled with earth. 

This is an outdoor performance and we ask that you bring your own comfortable means of seating. Given the recent renovation to the Riverside Park Historic Pool site, there will be exposed dirt and gravel. Please bring proper foot wear.

Our work brings people together and honors our shared humanity.