Have you ever found yourself gazing at the stars and wonder, Where do I fit in to this great expanse? How was this most magnificent artwork created? ArtsFairfax and Fairfax Poet Laureate Danielle Badra invite stargazers to contemplate the cosmos through poetic form.

Attendees will be provided with examples of star-gazing poetry and then given writing prompts to generate poems of their own while staring up at the marvelous milky way. This event will include a telescope viewing in the Roll Top Observatory, weather permitting. Rain date is Saturday, August 26.

Poetry in the Parks readings and workshops are programmed in close partnership with ArtsFairfax and Fairfax County Park Authority with accessibility in mind for visitors with disabilities. This event is supported in part by Virginia Humanities.

Poetry in the Parks

As a poetry and literary arts ambassador for Fairfax County, Poet Laureate Danielle Badra launched “Poetry in the Parks” in close partnership with ArtsFairfax and Fairfax County Park Authority (FCPA). Badra begins her new initiative with three distinct events that invite area poets and parkgoers to consider the relationship between nature and poetry. By inviting guest poets to share their work in a natural setting that is at once intimate and expansive, Badra hopes to inspire park attendees to reflect on the environment around them and engage in reading, listening to, and writing poetry.

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