Join Fall for the Book to hear from Vietnam veteran Wayne Karlin, who brings the surreal nature of war to life in his story collection, Memorial Days: Viet Nam Stories, 1973-2022.

The retrospective book examines the seductions and damages of war, moving backward and forward in time, spanning over 50 years and several wars. Author Khanh Hah says, “Memorial Days is valuable to those like us who did not fight in the war(s); and yet it grants a reprieve to those who did and are plagued by their memories.”

Martín Espada says, “Haunted, [Karlin] haunts us, a witness who transcends his own experience through the power of imagination.” Karlin is the author of several books, including Wandering Souls: Journeys with the Dead and the Living in Viet Nam, and A Wolf by the Ears.

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