The Marquis de Lafayette was a committed abolitionist, and often urged his American friends to end the system of slavery. He joined the French abolitionist organization “Society of the Friends of the Blacks,” and often advocated for Black emancipation in his correspondence with Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and George Washington. In 1842, English abolitionist Thomas Clarkson wrote of Lafayette: “He was a true friend of the cause.”

Dr. Gaila Sims, Curator of African American History and Special Projects at Fredericksburg Area Museum, will speak about the Marquis’s abolitionist influences and his beliefs on the institution of slavery. Tickets are $20 for Non-Members and $10 for Members.

Lafayette’s World: Revolutionary Ideals and the Limits of Freedom

In 1824, the Marquis de Lafayette visited the city of Fredericksburg as part of his multiyear Grand Tour of the United States. Lafayette was an extraordinary individual who made essential contributions to American history as a wealthy nobleman, revolutionary hero, military officer, enlightenment thinker, democratic supporter, and committed abolitionist. Lafayette’s World: Revolutionary Ideals and the Limits of Freedom celebrates the Marquis as an individual and the belief in freedom and democracy shared by those he fought alongside in the American Revolution.

Lafayette’s World: Revolutionary Ideals and the Limits of Freedom is sponsored in part by Virginia Humanities, in partnership with the Virginia American Revolution 250 Commission.

Accompanying Programming

Lafayette’s World Exhibit Opening
Friday, March 1 | 5:30 – 7PM

Diverse Participation in the Revolutionary War
Wednesday, March 6 | 7 – 8PM (Virtual)

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