The Rappahannock People have inhabited the Northern Neck since the beginning. It holds a special place in the Rappahannock story and contains some of the most spiritually and historically significant places to the Tribe. In this talk, Chief Anne Richardson graciously shares her thoughts on the Northern Neck and Power of Place.

As Chief of the Rappahannock Tribe since 1998, Chief Anne Richardson is the first woman to lead a Virginia Indian tribe since the early 1700s. As a 4th generation chief in her family, she was instrumental in obtaining state (1983) and then federal (2018) recognition for the Rappahannock—recognition that confers sovereignty and other rights. While contending with the long legacy of displacement, discrimination, and disenfranchisement, Chief Richardson works to ensure a vibrant future for the Rappahannock and to preserve their lands and cultural traditions.

Chief Anne Richardson, Rappahannock Tribe, will present "Indigenous Perspectives on the Northern Neck and Power of Place"
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