Virginia Humanities fellow Earl Swift works in his office in Charlottesville on 6/13/18.

About Our Fellowships

Our Fellowship Program helps writers, independent scholars, and university faculty members uncover stories about Virginia’s history and culture.

Since 1974, we’ve awarded almost 400 fellowships for projects that help Virginians better understand the state, Virginia’s role in the world, and each other.

Right: Virginia Humanities Fellow Earl Swift – Photo by Pat Jarrett

Meet the Fellows

Virginia Humanities Fellows (2012)

Virginia Humanities is pleased to have nine scholars in residence for the 2019-2020 academic year—six in Charlottesville and three in Richmond at the Library of Virginia.

Fellows Talks

You can catch up with our Fellows and hear first-hand the stories their research is uncovering by attending one of our public Fellows Talks.

The talks serve a dual purpose. They are one of the ways we’re making their scholarship more accessible and they are also an opportunity for the Fellows to get feedback from their peers.

Talks typically occur on Tuesdays during the academic year at either the Virginia Humanities office in Charlottesville or the Library of Virginia in Richmond.

You’ll find a schedule of upcoming Fellows talks on our events calendar.

Endowed Fellowships

The recipients of the Virginia Humanities’ endowed and named fellowships are chosen as part of the standard review process. There is no need to apply for these fellowships specifically. However, proposals that address their criteria are welcomed.

How to Apply

The requirements, benefits, and application procedure for our Fellowship program is currently being reviewed and updated.

We expect the application deadline for the 2021-2022 academic year to be December 1, 2020. 

More details will be posted here when available.

Lulu Miller and Wes Swing collaborated on a live-scored reading from Miller's forthcoming book "Why Fish Don't Exist" at the Bridge PAI on Sunday, 10/22/17.

Support the next generation of Virginian scholarship.

The Fellowship program relies on endowed and named fellowships to uncover stories about Virginia’s history and culture. Be a part of this valuable work by funding a Fellowship today.