To Apply, You Will Need:

  • Resume
  • A sample learning experience you have planned for a K-12 classroom
  • A statement of interest including the following [less than 800 words]:
    • What are curricular areas that you believe deserve more attention in the classroom?
    • What are some topics in Virginia history that you believe deserve more attention?
    • Who or what are some authors or stories from historically-excluded communities that you believe deserve more attention?
    • What is a topic that you think can be challenging in a classroom? How have you taught this/how do you want to teach this?
    • How do you give students/learners agency?
    • How do you encourage civil discourse?
    • How do diversity, equity, and inclusion inform your teaching?

If you are applying to Virginia Humanities for the first time, you will need to create an account.

Pictured: Students Marc, Jonas, Christian, and Laszlo with teacher, Giselle Castano. Photo courtesy Mary McDowell Friends School

The deadline to apply for a K-12 educator fellowship is March 3, 2023. Information about future fellowships will be posted here when available.