Just announced: When you make a NAHM gift to Virginia Humanities or one of our programs, your contribution will be matched by the Tomato Fund with a gift to the Virginia Humanities Fund (up to $2500). Give now and have double the impact!

October is National Arts & Humanities Month (NAHM). It’s the largest annual celebration for the arts and humanities in the nation, a time when we celebrate the unique role the arts and humanities play in the lives of our families, our communities, and our country.

We invite you to make a gift during National Arts & Humanities Month to show your belief in the power that the arts, humanities, and culture have to improve our lives, help us understand each other, and build a future where everyone’s contributions to Virginia’s history and culture are understood, appreciated, and valued equally.

This last year-and-a-half has been tough for everyone. It’s been a time when we’ve had to work harder to find and experience emotions akin to joy. We hope that the stories we’ve shared and the online discussions we’ve held have helped you feel connected and engaged during this time. And we hope they’ve sparked a few moments of joy for each of you.

Throughout this year, you’ve supported our work stimulating curiosity in people’s lives with explorations of topics on everything from the history of past pandemics to women working for social change.

Your Support Has Helped Us:

  • Deliver over $1 million in grants to keep local museums and historical societies like the Historic Petersburg Foundation running and to fund vibrant projects like the Fairfax-county-based 1882 Foundation’s educational toolkit for teaching Asian American history;
  • Produce a series of virtual programs featuring thought leaders discussing democracy and the critical role investigative journalism plays in democracy’s foundation and future;
  • Build collaborative programming exploring the history of suffrage and voter suppression produced by With Good Reason and the Virginia Center for the Book; and
  • Move our operations into a new public humanities center in downtown Charlottesville to be more accessible and inviting to local and statewide partners.

This coming year we will grow from this exciting work by expanding access to our programs using virtual platforms we’ve gotten to know so well, even as we hope to offer and support more in-person programming across the state. We will continue to collaborate with Virginia’s Indian tribes to integrate their voices into our Encyclopedia Virginia as they help shape our content about their history and culture. And we will explore new ways to engage individuals and communities across the Commonwealth through internships, fellowships, media programming, and grants.

We are thankful to you for helping us in this work. And as we look to the days and months ahead as a time of revitalization and growth, we invite you to continue your support of Virginia Humanities. Join us in celebrating National Arts and Humanities Month and if you are able to make a gift, please give now to show your support.