FAQ & Resources

No. Only incorporated non-profit organizations are eligible to apply.

No, but it must be an incorporated non-profit.

No. Non-profit organizations located outside of Virginia are eligible to apply if their project deals with a subject or subjects directly related to Virginia and a significant audience within the state is anticipated

All Virginia Humanities grants must be matched with at least an equal amount of Cost Share, which can be in the form of cash or in-kind contributions from non-federal sources. Sources and amounts of anticipated Cost Share should be indicated at the time of the proposal.

  • Cash cost share is any monetary donation to the project, usually from “outside” or third-party sources (another grant, for example).
  • In-kind cost share is any other contribution, including but not limited to un-reimbursed travel, volunteer time, facilities use, and staff salaries not paid by the grant.

The term “humanities scholar” may include:

  • Teaching or research college faculty
  • Local historians or independent scholars who have a strong record of scholarship
  • Professional museum curators
  • Librarians, writers, and others whose work is strongly grounded in the humanities
  • Persons representing various cultural traditions—a Native American tribal chief, for example—if they are recognized as spokespersons for their traditions.

No. We ask that you choose one or the other grant opportunity and not apply to both.

Yes. You can access a downloadable version of the application on the Grants Program Landing Page: Click Here

You will receive an email from grants staff, originating from the GLM system notifying you of the decision as close to the decision date as is possible.