Our communications and brand guide for grantees and sponsorship recipients includes many of the resources below in an easy-to-read (and share) PDF.

Marketing Your Events

Please let us know about any upcoming public events associated with your grant or sponsorship that we can help promote. Ideally, we’d like to know about them 2-6 weeks in advance.

We will add your event to our online calendar, share it in our state-wide e-newsletter, email it directly to our subscribers in your area, and share it on our social media channels.

Crediting Us

We’d appreciate your crediting Virginia Humanities whenever possible. We have a few logo options for you to choose from.

Our primary logo is:

We ask that you try to use this version of the logo first. If it doesn’t fit for any reason, feel free to choose one of the other options in the link below.

Our logo color is a deep navy blue. If you need the exact color values, they are:

  • RGB: 35, 45, 75
  • HEX: #232D4B
  • CMYK Coated: 87, 70, 22, 44
  • CMYK Uncoated: 98, 83, 12, 46

Some quick dos and don’ts about our logo:

  • Do use any of the logos in this file
  • Do use the white logo on dark backgrounds
  • Don’t recreate the logo from text
  • Don’t change the color of the logo

If including a logo isn’t possible or appropriate, please use a statement like: “Made possible in part by a grant from Virginia Humanities.”

Announcing Your Grant or Sponsorship

If your organization is on social media, we encourage you to share the news of your grant using our custom social media badge. At the link below you’ll find badges for grants and sponsorships.

We recommend posting the animated version on Instagram and the static version on Facebook and Twitter.

You’ll find a list of our social media accounts at the bottom of this page. When you share news about your project award, please tag us so we can amplify your message.

Other Resources

  • Grant Agreement
  • Vendor Registration Information
  • Expenditures Report/Cash Request form [Coming Soon]
  • Grant Modification Form: If you would like to request a grant change, please email Sue Perdue at ssh8a@virginia.edu. You will be asked to complete this form to request all programmatic or budget changes, or an extension to the grant period. Once requested, this form will be made available to you in the grants system attached to your request, in the Follow Up section.