About Sponsorships

  • Accepted on a rolling basis; reviewed monthly
  • Provides funding for single or multi-day events with a strong humanities focus 
  • Awards up to $2,000 (Awards for sponsorship may not exceed $2,000, or more than 50% of an event’s total operating budget.)
  • Up-to-date nonprofit status  
  • Tribal nations recognized by the Commonwealth of Virginia and/or the United States federal government 
  • Applicants (organizations) may not apply to more than one funding opportunity at the same time  
  • Applicants may not apply if they currently have an open grant
  • Exhibits 
  • Conferences 
  • Festivals  
  • Film screenings 
  • Symposiums
  • Programs with large numbers of attendees or viewership
  • Programs that are free or low-cost ($25 or under) to attend  
  • Supporting organizations not recently funded by Virginia Humanities grant programs
  • Galas or fundraisers
  • Advocacy or political action; programs that promote a particular policy or point of view 
  • Alcoholic beverages 
  • Awards or gifts 
  • Building construction, restoration, or renovation 
  • Courses for credit, except those designed especially for teachers 
  • Creative or performing arts, unless used in a supporting role to enhance discussion  
  • International travel  

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